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Static Phase Converters

What is a static phase converter? Comparing static vs. rotary converters.

Learn how to determine which type is best to power your 3 phase machinery or equipment. Understanding the static phase converter can help you to choose whether a rotary or a static phase converter is right to power your three phase machinery or equipment.

Static Phase Converter

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Runs 0.33 to 0.75 HP

XS1 »

Runs 0.75 to 1.5 HP

XS3 »

Runs 1 to 3 HP

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Runs 3 to 5 HP

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Runs 4 to 8 HP

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Runs 8 to 12 HP

Click here for more information about how a Static Phase Converter works and how to choose between a Static and a Rotary Phase Converter.

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Product Line: STATIC WAVE

Voltage: 208-240

Hz: 60

Acceptable Load Types: Light to moderately loaded motor loads only - Wye wound (2/3 capacity), Delta wound (1/2 capacity)

Company of Manufacture: USA

Application Notes

  • For light to moderate starting or running loads only. See acceptable loads below. »
  • Intended for wye wound motors. Some delta wound motors may operate but will produce 50% of their nameplate HP.
  • Motors will produce 2/3 of rated HP.
  • Special Loads:
    • Lathes 3 HP and larger must have a clutch and be started or reversed only while disengaged.
    • May be used for air compressors but should have the motor pully size reduced by 1/3 in diameter. Alternately, a motor that is 50% larger may be fitted.
Static Phase Converter dimensions and wiring diagrams Static Phase Converter dimensions and wiring diagrams
Acceptable Load Types Not Recommended
Easy Load Types Medium Load Types Hard Load Types
Bench grinder
Chop saw (1 HP & under)
Drill press (2 HP & under)
Meat slicer/cutter
Table saw (2 HP & under)
Lathe (2 HP & below)
Band saw (belt drive)
Dough Mixer
Meat grinder
Panel saw
Radial arm saw
Tumbler (below 5 HP)
Table saw (above 2 HP)
Conveyer belt (horizontal)
Industrial washing
Milling machine
Pump (above ground)
Sewing machines
Masonry saw
Lathe (2 HP and above)
Air compressor
Band saw (direct drive)
Car lift
Dust collection blower
Granite saw
Iron worker
Lathe (above 2 HP or
w/o clutch)
Thickness planer
Vacuum pump

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FAQ: Static Phase Converters

What is a static phase converter? Comparing static vs rotary converters. Learn how to determine which type is best to power your 3-phase machinery or equipment. Understanding the static phase converter can help you to choose whether a rotary or a static phase converter is right to power your three phase machinery or equipment.

What is a static phase converter?

Static phase converters are a startup device for three phase motors on single phase power.

Static phase converters operate the three phase motor they are connected to on single phase. The static phase converter does not actually generate three phase power continuously as a does a rotary phase converter, but only long enough for the motor to start up. Once the three phase motor has started up the static phase converter circuitry disconnects itself and the motor continues to run on single-phase power but because only two of three windings receive power during running, horsepower output is reduced down to between two-thirds and one-half the rated motor horse power. A 15 HP motor will start with the power of a 15 but run as a 7.5 for example.

The high starting torque with reduced running power is an important factor when considering the use of a static phase converter. In some situations this can work out very well but the static converter does have limitations. Static phase converters are not well suited for machines that operate continuously close to the maximum rated horsepower of the motor that operates them. This type of continuous full power loading can be seen in equipment such as water pumps. The pump is sized to use all of the motor's power while pumping. Lathes are another good example of this need for full power. Although the static phase converter appears to work well on lathes in the slower speeds, in the higher speeds the converter is able to start the lathe turning but the lack of rated horsepower makes these higher speed settings useless. A TEMCO Rotary Phase Converter is best suited for this application.

What types of machines should not be operated on static phase converters?

When used in the wrong applications static phase converters can damage the motors and machines that they are meant to operate. Machinery that has any electrical circuitry that requires three phase power must get true three phase power. This includes most electronic motor drives, heating equipment such as UV ovens, battery chargers and welders ect. A TEMCo Rotary Phase converter provides three phase power that is suitable for these applications. Static phase converters are designed to start three phase electric motors to run on single phase power. The machinery they are setup to run must be able to operate on two thirds to one half of their rated motor horsepower. If this is not the case then when the machinery is put under its full rated load the motor or machinery will most commonly stall-out or overheat and even burn out. A TEMCo Rotary Phase Converter provides safe, clean, balanced, full rated three phase power suitable for these types of loads.

Cost of a static converter vs. a rotary converter

For the types of equipment that static phase converters work on they cost less initially to buy and run equipment with than on a Rotary Phase Converter. Rotary converters are very commonly used to operate multiple machines verses one static converter being used for each machine that can operate on one.

What motors work on static phase converters?

The two most common types of motors are Wye or Delta wired. Wye wired motors are called such because the internal wiring of the motor is Wye ( Y ) connected. Delta connected motors are internally connected in a Delta configuration. Delta windings are more common as the horsepower rating increases. Many imported motors are Delta connected and occasionally only work on a TEMCo Rotary Phase Converter.

TEMCo Heavy Duty Rotary Phase Converters' continuous full three phase power can be used to run either Wye or Delta motors or most any other application that requires three phase power with reliability and efficiency.

The following guidelines can help in determining if a static or rotary converter is right for you.

  1. Do I need to only operate a three phase motor on single phase? If yes, go to question two. If the equipment does have electronic controls, then use a rotary converter.
  2. Can my machine operate with full HP on startup and reduced HP when running? If yes Then a static phase converter should be right for you.

Equipment that often works on a static phase converter:

  • Drill press
  • Milling machine
  • Table saw

These are all devices where the operator controls the load on the motor.

Some machines that will work when modified after the motor pulley is reduced by half in size:
  • Air compressor
  • Belt driven fan

These machines work because the motor load can be reduced by changing the pulley size.

Machines that don't work on a static:
  • Water pump
  • Hydraulic car lift
  • Dust collector

These machines use the full rated horsepower of the motors that are on them and should only be supplied three phase power from a TEMCo Rotary Phase Converter or the utility.

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