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Static Phase Converters

Run three phase equipment on single phase power with a TEMCo Phase Converter. Quality Guaranteed.

If you are considering buying a static phase converter, first take a moment and read the rotary to static phase converter comparison chart. This chart has important static phase converter safety information to consider for various three phase applications.

TEMCo Rotary Phase Converters are the best three phase solution for providing balanced, clean power for most any application. In some cases a Static phase converter can be used at a substantial savings in price. Static phase converters are not appropriate for many applications so careful consideration in needed. Give us a call with any questions at (510)490-2187.

Static Phase Converter

Static Phase Converter Selection/Pricing Guide

TEMCo Rotary Phase Converters produce continuous balanced three phase power to run any three phase application at full rated power. Static phase converters on the other hand only produce the third phase of power during start up of an electric motor. Due to the nature of the static phase converters' unbalanced power it is important to read the static phase converter application chart. Some three phase applications are not suited to be run with a static phase converter and in those cases, it is necessary to use a TEMCo rotary phase converter.

STATIC WAVE™ Product Selection

XS0 Static Phase Converter
XS1 Static Phase Converter
XS3 Static Phase Converter
XS5 Static Phase Converter
XS8 Static Phase Converter
XS12 Static Phase Converter

XS0 »

Runs 0.33 to 0.75 HP

XS1 »

Runs 0.75 to 1.5 HP

XS3 »

Runs 1 to 3 HP

XS5 »

Runs 3 to 5 HP

XS8 »

Runs 4 to 8 HP

XS12 »

Runs 8 to 12 HP

Comparison feature All other brands of Static Phase Converter TEMCo Rotary Phase Converter
1. Full power for motors are start up? Yes Yes
2. Power output during running? 1/2 to 2/3 power Yes
3. Run Delta or Wye motors? No, just start Wye Motors Yes
4. Power 3-phase Ovens? No Yes
5. Power 3-phase Lasers? No Yes
6. Power 3-phase Battery Chargers? No Yes
7. Power 3-phase CNC Machines? No Yes
8. Provides balanced power? No Yes
9. Safe with circuits requiring 3-phase power? No Yes
10. Cost of ownership? Higher cost over time Lower cost over time
11. Safe for motor applications that will
come under 2/3 to full rated load?
No, will cause motor to stall and burn out,
damaging equipment.
12. Operational life of phase converter? Short TEMCo Rotary Converters last 50 to 100 times longer than a static
phase converter.

Click here for more information about how a Static Phase Converter works and how to choose between a Static and a Rotary Phase Converter.

Call us at (510) 490-2187 for more application specific questions in choosing the correct model of TEMCo phase converter.

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TEMCo Phase Converter - Better Business Bureau member

When you want a Static Phase Converter that will run like clockwork, turn to TEMCo, a trusted member of the Better Business Bureau.

TEMCo has experience producing single to three phase converters since 1968. TEMCo is a company you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau. We use the latest proven technology to manufacture Industrial Grade Rotary and Static Converters. Our three Phase Converters are AC, single to three phase, 208V, 220V, 240V, 440V, 460V and 480V converters. If you need a different configuration, just let us know. Our phase converters are built to last using the highest quality standards and only the highest quality components. As a result, TEMCo Phase Converters have a long operational life, lasting many years under proper use. All our models are backed by our quality warranty, offering heavy duty quality at a great price. TEMCo three Phase Converters - The most trusted name in phase converters.