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Electric Power Generator Sizing by TEMCo

It is simple to determine which generator is right for you. View the simple steps below.

Use this form to help determine the best model of power generators to meet your needs. Print out this form, fill it out and fax it to us at (510) 490-1507. If you don't have a fax, simply call us with the information at (510) 490-2187.

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Selecting a Generator

  1. First, determine any special needs or features such as a trailerable unit or an automatic transfer switch, etc.

  2. Then, determine the wattage of power.

  3. Next, decide the type of fuel you wish to use.

  4. Finally, consider durability verses pricing. TEMCo supplies hundreds of brands and models, therefore we are able to compare them side by side and give you objective input. You can count on TEMCo to help choose the right model for your needs and get the best deal.

Generator Selection Form

Application:____________________________ Date:_________________________________

Name:________________________________ Company:_____________________________

Phone Number:_________________________ Fax Number:___________________________



Generator Type

Gasoline_____ Diesel_____ Propane_____ Natural Gas_____

Special Application Needs

Towable_____ Stationary_____ Portable_____

Automatic Transfer Switch________________ Manual Transfer Switch____________

Extension Cords______ Auto Start W/ Auto Trans Switch______ Electric Start______ Pull Start _______

Application Use

Shop_____ Factory______ Contractor______ Internet Service Provider______ Home______


These are estimates to use as a general guide. Select the items that you desire.

________ COMPRESSOR (1 HP) 3500W ______
Incandescent ________ 2 HP 6500W ______
Refrigerator 3100W ______ Drill
Freezer 3100W ______ 1/4 " 400W ______
TV 300W ______ 3/8 " 600W ______
Computer 500-1200W ______ 1/2 " 900W ______
Fax Machine 50-150W ______ Grinder, Bench 8" 2500W ______
Coffee Maker 1750W ______ Hammer, Demolition 3300W ______
Electric Range 1500-6000W ______ Hammer, Rotary 3300W ______
Clothes Dryer, Gas 2200W ______ Impact Wrench
Clothes Dryer, Electric 7550W ______ 1/2 " 1200W ______
Dish Washer 2800W ______ 3/4 " 1400W ______
Fan, Attic 350W ______ 1 " 2400W ______
Fan, Window 100-200W ______ Pressure Washer
Furnace 1 HP 3500W ______
1/6 HP 1250W ______ 1 1/2 HP 5000W ______
1/3 HP 2100W ______ 9000W ______
Microwave Oven Pump, Submersible
625 Watt 2500W ______ 3/4 HP 3000W ______
850 Watt 3200W ______ 1 HP 3500W ______
Air Conditioner, Central Belt Sander, Handheld 1600W ______
(24,000 BTU) 3300W ______ Skillsaw
(40,000 BTU) 7800W ______ 6 1/2 " 1200W ______
Air Conditioner, Window 8 1/4 " 3000W ______
(10,000 BTU) 3000W ______ _________________ ______
(24,000 BTU) 6000W ______ _________________ ______
Radio 50-200W ______ _________________ ______
_________________ ______ _________________ ______
_________________ ______ _________________ ______
_________________ ______ _________________ ______


BRAND/MODELS CONSIDERING_________________________________________________

RECOMMENDED GENERATOR________________________________ Cost ______________

METHOD of PAYMENT _______________________

SHIPPING METHOD_________________



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Let us know which brand/model you are interested in so we can meet your needs. When you want the right power generator at the best deal, turn to TEMCo.

Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Call to order

Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm PST

RFQ & Order Fax: (510)490-1507
TEMCo US + International: (510) 490-2187
Toll Free (800) 613-2290


2. Select payment option

We Accept Visa, Discover American Express, Master Card. We also accept Wire Transfer, Money Orders, etc.

We accept multiple payment options. Order your three phase converter today! What is a static phase converter? vs generating three phase power with a rotary phase converter.

3. Shipping

We'll ship your order to you ASAP via UPS, Fedex, and other professional trucking companies.

We will ship your 3 phase converter, power generator or motor asap!

TEMCo Phase Converter - Better Business Bureau member

When you want a Power Generator to run like clockwork, turn to TEMCo, a trusted member of the Better Business Bureau.

Tower Electric Motor Company has experience manufacturing and selling electrical power products since 1968. TEMCo sells phase converters, power generators, electric motors, UPS and other electrical products. TEMCo uses the latest proven technology to manufacture industrial grade electrical systems. All our electrical supplies are built to last using the highest quality standards and are backed by manufacturers warranties. Need a UPS or other electrical power equipment? Give us a call! We are happy to go over your application, models, sizes and pricing! (510) 490-2187

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