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Isolation Transformers

TEMCo sells a variety of models and brands of quality isolation transformers at wholesale prices!

TEMCo's broad range of quality Isolation Transformers includes brand names like GE Industrial, TEMCo, Marcus, and Acme Transformers and capacity ranges 0.05 kva through 5000 kva. Let TEMCo help you select the best transformer for your needs.

Isolation transformer

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Isolation Transformer Types

Standard Transformers

Isolation Transformers have primary and secondary windings that are physically separated from each other. Sometimes isolation transformers are referred to as "insulated". This is because the windings are insulated from each other.

In an isolation transformer the output winding will be isolated, or floating from earth ground unless bonded at the time of installation.

Shielded Transformers

Shielded isolation transformers have all the feature of the standard isolation transformers plus it also incorporates a full metallic shield (This shield is usually copper or aluminum) between the primary and secondary windings. This electrostatic shield ("Faraday Shield") is connected to earth ground and performs two functions:

  1. One, it attenuates (filters) voltage transients (voltage spikes). These shielded isolation transformers have an attenuation ratio of 100 to 1.
  2. Two, It filters common mode noise. Attenuation of approximately 30 decibels.

The shielded isolation transformer is preferred over a standard isolation transformer because it provides protection for sensitive and critical equipment.

When more than one shielded isolation transformer is installed between the source and the load, this is referred to as "cascading" and vastly improves power quality.

All of the Acme general purpose isolation transformers 250 VA and larger are shielded at no added cost as a standard feature. Shielded Acme isolation transformers have an "s" as the last digit of the part number.

All of the transformers carried by TEMCo provide quiet reliable long lasting operation. Call TEMCo directly to get model and sizing info at 510.490.2187.

Isolation Transformer Models and Pricing

3 Phase, 60 Hz Models

208 volt Wye X 380, 400, 415 volt Wye

240 volt Delta X 380, 400, 415 volt Wye

480 volt Delta X 380, 400, 415 volt Wye

208v Wye X 380, 400, 415 volt Wye, 3 Phase, 60 HZ Isolation Transformers
Isolation Transformer Model No. (3 transformers included) KVA Isolation Transformer Shipping weight, lbs
T-2-53013-4S P3 9 165 lbs
T-2-53014-4S P3 15 225
T-2-53515-3S P3 22.5 345
T-2-53516-3S P3 30 375
T-2-53517-3S P3 45 510
T-2-53518-3S P3 75 750
T-2-53019-3S P3 112.5 840
T-2-53020-3S P3 150 1050
T-2-53021-3S P3 225 1290
T-2A-53022-3S P3 300 1575
T-2-53023-3S P3 500 2100

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