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  • Run 3 phase equipment on single phase with a 3 phase TEMCo Rotary Phase Converter
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • Rotary - Higher Quality Lasts Longer
  • Heavy Duty
  • Excellent Quality Guaranteed!
  • Ships Complete
  • Clean, Reliable, Balanced 3 phase Power
  • Best Price / Performance Ratio Guaranteed!
TEMCo XR3 Rotary Phase Converter

Rotary Phase Converter Guide

TEMCo is proud to announce the longest warranty available, unparalleled industry wide: up to a 10-Year Warranty on every New TEMCo Phase Converter!

TEMCo Superior Heavy Duty Rotary Phase Converters are excellent for providing quality 3 phase power converted from single phase. Our quality products are being used throughout the US and internationally every day. TEMCo converters quality power will run most any 3 phase application.

Applications range from computers, pumps, welders, ovens, to CNC mills, etc. Click here to determine the size of phase converter you will need to power your equipment.

Remember - using a larger phase converter than you currently need is safe, but one that is too small will not work. To find out more about why phase converters are selected as the 3 phase power source click here: Phase Converter Use. To find out more about the difference between a Static and a Rotary Phase Converter click here: What is a Static Converter?

Phase Converter Sale On Now! Same Day Shipping on Items in Stock! Call 510.490.2187 to Order.

Available for 3 Phase CNC

TEMCo Series 7000 CNC Pro Rotary Phase Converters - specially designed for voltage sensitive 3 phase CNC equipment. Click here for CNC Pro Phase Converter details.

Available for 3 Phase Broadcast Stations

TEMCo Series 9000 Transmitter Rotary Phase Converters - specially designed for 3 phase radio and television equipment. Call for details.

XRp Phase Converter Panel Line

Standard Pricing Guide

three phase converter logoRotary Phase Converters

TEMCo General Purpose Rotary Phase Converters are standard with indoor NEMA 1 enclosures. Most phase Converter models are also available in NEMA 3 enclosures for outdoor applications or dirty environments.

Call for special sale details and to confirm the details of the unit needed for your application power. Click here to determine the size of phase converter you will need to power your equipment. Our phase converters include TEMCo's exclusive Power Factor Correction System.

New Heavy Duty Rotary Phase Converters

Phase Converter Model *Compare to other
phase converter
brands size:
Phase Converter Power Output Phase Converter List Price Factory Direct
Season Price
TEMRS6000-750W 1 HP 750 W Use XR2 -
6500-2KW 3 HP 2 KW $960 Replaced by XR2 Buy Online »
XR2 Details » 3 HP 2 KW $620 $364.56 Buy Online »
XR3 Details » 5 HP 3 KW $756 $295 Buy Online »
XR5 Details » 7.5 HP 5 KW $907 $533.32 Buy Online »
6500-5KW 7.5 HP 5 KW $1,088 Replaced by XR5 Buy Online »
XR7 Details » 10 HP 7.5 KW $1,148 $675.02 Buy Online »
6500-7.5KW 10 HP 7.5 KW $1,377 $810 Buy Online »
XR11 Details » 15 HP 11 KW $1,650 $1062.15 Buy Online »
6500-11KW 15 HP 11 KW $2,160 Replaced by XR11 Buy Online »
XR15 Details » 20 HP 15 KW $2,024 $1190 Buy Online »
6500-15KW 20 HP 15 KW $2,330 $1,370
AC21 Details » 30 HP 21 KW $4,021 $2,366 Buy Online »
XR21 Details » 30 HP 21 KW $3,045 $1736.30 Buy Online »
AC29 Details » 40 HP 29 KW $4,625 $2,721 Buy Online »
AC36 Details » 50 HP 36 KW $5,384 $3,168 Buy Online »
AC44 Details » 60 HP 44 KW $6,868 $4,041 Buy Online »
AC55 Details » 80 HP 55 KW $8,083 $4,756 Buy Online »

Units with higher KW output and specialized models are also available. Call for special phase converter details and to confirm the details of the unit needed for your application power.

* Most other brands are not comparable with TEMCo Series 6000 GP Rotary Converters. With TEMCo 3 Phase Rotary Phase Converters you get more. Most other 3 phase converter brands are not heavy-duty in comparison. Pricing subject to change, due to industry changes. Call to confirm pricing and model. This price is not including tax or shipping. Made In the USA.

Click here for Phase Converter Sizing Charts

Click here for Phase Converter Data Sheets

POWER-WAVE™ XR-p Phase Converter Panel Line

TEMCo's POWER-WAVE™ XR-p line of phase converter panels enlist the same proven and rugged design used in the POWER-WAVE™ Rotary Phase Converter line in the money saving option of a "panel-only" offering.

Just supply your own 3 phase idler motor motor and connect it to the dedicated terminals indicated in the connections compartment. It's That SIMPLE!

XR-p Proven Quality - Dedicated Design - Proven Performance: Since 1968, TEMCo has been refining its offerings to meet the popular demands of customers big and small. We understand more than most, that quality costs. We are able provide the refined and proven design features that come with the XR-p as a result of the shear volume produced in the parent XR Rotary Phase Converter line.

Model Output Data Sheet List Price Factory Direct Price
XR2p Details » 2 kW Data Sheet $168 $99.12 Buy Online »
XR3p Details » 3kW Data Sheet $202 $119.18 Buy Online »
XR5p Details » 5kW Data Sheet $253 $149.27 Buy Online »
XR7p Details » 7kW Data Sheet $320 $188.80 Buy Online »

Video Tutorial

TITAN™ Series

When you have demanding three phase power requirements and when need a phase conversion system that is up to the challenge you need the TITAN™. Whether you're powering a single Machine or an entire facility, TITAN™ has you covered.

The TITAN™ line of phase conversion systems are engineered to provide stable single to three phase power. TITAN™ phase conversion systems use rotary power generation that provides the benefit of high surge capacity free of the noise and wave form distortion associated with some other phase conversion technologies.

The possibilities are endless with TITAN™! With its versatility it can power any three phase machinery, ranging from Miller® welders and Trane® HVAC systems, to oil drilling platform equipment or even entire production facilities. TEMCo is on the forefront of phase converter technology and continues to innovate and provide products that produce superior quality power.

Check out our brochure!

Model Output Data Sheet List Price Factory Direct Price More
TXR75 73.5 kW / 39 kW Data Sheet $20,598.31 $14,418.82 230V / 460V
TXR90 83.7 kW / 44.6 kW Data Sheet $23,208.30 $16,245.81 230V / 460V
TXR110 102.2 kW / 54.5 kW Data Sheet $26,491.07 $18,543.75 230V / 460V
TXR125 125.5 kW / 67 kW Data Sheet $29,193.42 $20,435.39 230V / 460V
TXR165 153.5 kW / 81.7 kW Data Sheet $35,987.42 $25,191.19 230V / 460V
TXR220 204.5 kW / 109 kW Data Sheet $44,830.15 $31,381.10 230V / 460V
TXR250 245.6 kW / 131.0 kW Data Sheet $54,769.79 $38,338.85 230V / 460V
TXR300 295.8 kW / 157.8 kW Data Sheet $58,788.31 $41,151.81 230V / 460V
TXR400 394.4 kW / 210.3 kW Data Sheet $79,231.40 $55,461.98 230V / 460V
TXR500 493 kW / 262.9 kW Data Sheet $104,214.59 $72,950.21 230V / 460V
TXR600 591.6 kW / 315.5 kW Data Shee $119,052.69 $83,336.88 230V / 460V
TXR700 690.2 kW / 368.1 kW Data Sheet $135,594.09 $94,915.86 230V / 460V
TXR800 788.8 kW / 420.7 kW Data Sheet $150,432.19 $105,302.53 230V / 460V
TXR900 887.3 kW / 473.3 kW Data Sheet $167,889.05 $117,522.34 230V / 460V
TXR1000 985.9 kW / 525.8 kW Data Sheet $182,727.15 $127,909.01 230V / 460V

Many other Rotary Phase Converter sizes are available. Call for information. Sales throughout the U.S.A. and Internationally.

TEMCo is currently looking for new resellers. If you are a qualified reseller, call for a Rotary Phase Converter reseller application.

Rotary Phase Converter Customer Testimonials

At TEMCo's Rotary Phase Converter Division, we pride ourselves on offering high quality, heavy duty, reliable, efficient 3 phase power solutions backed by excellent customer service. As one of the largest Rotary Three Phase Converter Manufacturers, we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Below is a sample of some of the many comments we receive daily from our valued customers.

Thank you to our customers for placing your trust in TEMCo Rotary Phase Converters and Transformers. These are just a few of the typical comments that we receive every day. We produce quality products and stand behind them. Feel free to email your experience and comments to us at info@phaseconverter.com.

Reseller Ratings
Read more customer feedback from Reseller Ratings here »

"This was the first order I placed with TEMCo. The sevice was awesome. I had many tech question and they spend about 30 mins on the phone answering all ofthem for me. It is not to often to find service like that!!!!! I am so happy and will definitly purchase from them again. A+++++"

- MRZ Contracting, 1/12/12

"Excellent advice, service & product. The staff helped determine exactly the size converter I needed, answered any questions I had thoroughly. The unit was shipped quickly & was very welled packed. The product is so well designed that installation was a breeze & the converter works great. Got me up and running very quickly."

- Michael Hall, 3/25/11

"You guys were referred by our electrician as well as our local light/electric company. Very friendly, very knowledgable."

- Low Country Recycling LLC, 9/8/11

"We bought 2 of the TEMCo phase converters for our machine shop as we did not want to bring in 3 phase power. Not only are their converters the best quality in this type of equipment it is made in North America and the most reasonably priced.

The converters have performed flawlessly with hard use and we expect they will continue to serve us for many years.

Not only is the equipment from TEMCo the best, they have been the most helpful and pleasant company we have dealt with.

If anyone needs the type of equipment TEMCo sells, there should be no hesitation, they are the place to purchase it."

- hydropower, 10/1/10

"My experience with TEMCo was very smooth, and mostly trouble-free. I say mostly, because the converter would not start after hookup, but after about 10 minutes on the phone with Dan, it started properly. One of the contactors needed to be burnished to make contact.

The shipping was very reasonable, and the liftgate charge was surprisingly low compared to what is usuallly charged. Another nice perk was that my order was upgraded to the next size for no additional charge.

I am extremely pleased with the phase converter, and my purchasing experience as a whole. Do yourself a favor, and consider one of the TEMCo converters; you won't be sorry. Thanks all."

- Dave Moore, Precision Machine Service, Huachuca City, AZ, 9/30/11

"I needed a 3 phase rotary phase converter to run a DoAll Mill. The family friend I purchased the mill from had purchased one from TEMCo several years ago, and told me that's the company to deal with. Very competitive price, fast delivery, and a solid, quality product. The shipping was fast, and the phase converter was crated very well and had zero damage from shipping. This thing runs so quietly I hardly know it's running. I HIGHLY recommend TEMCo!"

- mrtriton, 3/15/10

"The converter was exactly what we needed for the project. It runs a high speed washing machine for the firefighters gear. We we able to save $15K in PGE installation costs by using TEMCo. The company was freindl and knowlegable and the prices were great. We will use TEMCo in the future for other power needs."

- Thom Cowles, 9/27/10

eBay Ratings

Read more customer feedback from eBay here »

"The best converter for the money. Fast shipping too!!!"

- avance1234, 10/23/11

"Very nice people to deal with! Made in the USA, cant ask for anything better!!!!"

- jprater4111, 7/15/11

"Just hooked it up today runs like a champ. Fast shipping. Very satisfiedThanks !"

- ford64raceing 4/18/10

"Fast shipping, well packaged, exactly as advertised. Thanks!"

- carlwhitmore, 12/1/09<

Direct Feedback from TEMCo's Customers

"Thanks TEMCo and (Rotary Phase Converter Specialist) Anne, I told you what I had...you told me what I needed...the converter came and it works perfectly. Fast, friendly service at a good price."

- Jan Mar Graphics

"Would just like you to know that we finally hooked up our phase converter and it works beautifully. Do not be surprised if we buy more in the near future."

- California Pacific Technical Services

"My experience with the TEMCo staff has been at all times knowledgeable and courteous. Your web site has a great deal of information and what questions I had were quickly and courteously answered,"

- Dexter By the Sea Water

"Support and service has been 100%. Thank You,"

- Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.

"Thanks for the notice about the shipping. I am looking forward to installing the converter and using it right away. I really appreciate your follow up and timeliness in handling my order with your company."

- Carl Miller Design

"To All TEMCo Personnel, I just wanted to thank you so much. Dealing with your company has been a pleasure and for sure you are not the norm! It is refreshing to deal with someone who is willing to go the extra mile even when it is not required. I want to especially thank Anne for all the help before and after the sale. She was a pleasure to work with. I also want to thank Janelle for helping and Jill for being so nice on the phone. I just wanted to say thank you. I am looking forward to getting the converter up and running. Your company is one that I would recommend to anyone in need of your products. Thanks again!"

- Wood Concepts

" My experience with TEMCo has been nothing short of wonderful. Quick quotes and quick delivery. My facility is a production facility. Downtime would be revenue lost, but you delivered as promised!. (Rotary Phase Converter Specialist) Janelle is a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much."

- Andy Rivera

"You are awesome, appreciate the help. Thanks Again,"


"Received in a very timely manner. Thank you! We will be installing tomorrow. Thanks again"

- Don Thorne

"It was definitely a pleasure dealing with you and your company earlier today. Your competence, product knowledge and general attitude allowed me to make my decision to complete my purchase from your company. I will definitely have no problems recommending you and your company to anyone. Again thank you for all you have done to make this really trying period for us in the Caribbean a little easier to bear."

- Cheryl Abrams

"Anne (Rotary Phase Converter Specialist), Your response was very good - very fast, Thanks"

- Gerry Mimno

"Thank you. My customer experience with you was very good. I asked for a transformer to buck my power from 460 to 415 and thought I would be getting 3 transformer to do this. You asked if I would like just one transformer to do what is needed. Without you asking me that question I would be getting the three which would make my life a lot more difficult. I also had to call you 3 or 4 times with questions that I had and you were very pleasant to talk to and never made me feel like I was bothering you. Plus you were able to answer my questions!! I have in the past bought a Rotary Phase Converter from TEMCo and have had no issues with it. I am confident that the same outcome will happen with this newly purchase transformer."

- Thanks again, Monadnock Paper Mills

"Thank you very much for your help. Dealing with you, and by extension, your company, has been a most pleasurable experience. You are very good at what you do. Have a nice weekend."

- Interpack Systems, Inc.

"My experience with TEMCo was perfect. You were polite and very helpful! Thank you!"

- Johnstone Supply

"Needed a 3 phase rotary phase converter to run a Hariq Grinder and a Brown and Sharo Milling Machine. I have priced other converters. TEMCo is very reasonable. The quality is superb. I was also concerned about shipment - The packaging and shipment was great. Well packed!"

- Dean Matsen, Hobbyist

Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Call to order

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2. Select payment option

We Accept Visa, Discover American Express, Master Card. We also accept Wire Transfer, Money Orders, etc.

We accept multiple payment options. Order your three phase converter today! What is a static phase converter? vs generating three phase power with a rotary phase converter.

3. Shipping

We'll ship your order to you ASAP via UPS, Fedex, and other professional trucking companies.

We will ship your 3 phase converter, power generator or motor asap!

TEMCo is a phase converter manufacturer you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau.

When you want an Rotary Phase Converter that will run like clockwork, turn to TEMCo, a trusted member of the Better Business Bureau.

TEMCo has experience producing single to three phase converters since 1968. TEMCo is a company you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau. We use the latest proven technology to manufacture Industrial Grade Rotary and Static Converters. Our three Phase Converters are AC, single to three phase, 208V, 220V, 240V, 440V, 460V and 480V converters. If you need a different configuration, just let us know. Our phase converters are built to last using the highest quality standards and only the highest quality components. As a result, TEMCo Phase Converters have a long operational life, lasting many years under proper use. All our models are backed by our quality warranty, offering heavy duty quality at a great price. TEMCo three Phase Converters - The most trusted name in phase converters.

Phase Converter and Transformer customers include NASA, General Motors, American Family Radio, Kaiser Permanente, Nordstrom, BAE Systems, UC Berkeley, Navy Public Works Center, Graybar Electric, US Army Executive Service, FORD, GE Supply, MIT, Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL), and many thousands more. TEMCo products meet the demands of tough industrial applications with dependability and quality. TEMCo - The most trusted name in phase converters.

TEMCo's Customers